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Over thirty years ago, we at Carson Sales discovered a need for high-quality screws in the drywall industry and other construction trades. After years of testing and research, we were proud to introduce and offer Talon Screws. Our Talon manufacturers have been making screws that meet our high standards for many years, and the quality is consistently superior to that of our competitors. This unsurpassed quality is what our customers have come to rely on and many of our customers choose to use Talon Screws exclusively.

We are also proud to offer Talon USA Screws, made exclusively in America. For your military and government jobs, or wherever American-made screws are required, you can trust Talon USA Screws for superior quality. Carson Sales Company, Inc. has been a major supplier to the drywall, roofing, commercial and residential construction industries for over forty-three years. In 2009, Carson Sales was purchased by Lord and Sons, Inc., a large and well respected distributor of fasteners and related products throughout California. Well aware of the Talon name and reputation, they are excited to bring Talon Screws to the California market. Together, now Lord and Sons and Carson Sales are major distributors for the construction industry in California and the Southwest.